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Noosa Main Beach Elopement Noosa Wedding Photography – Peter & Marian

A small and Intimate Noosa Elopement.

Noosa Elopement Packages are so popular! A lot of couples are putting aside big weddings for small, intimate elopements. This means the day is entirely about them!

Peter and Marian are both originally from the UK. They had been living and working in Australia where they met and they decide to elope because it was going to be difficult to decide in which country to hold their wedding. Either their Family and friends from the UK would have to travel to attend an Australian wedding or their Australian friends would have to travel to attend an UK wedding hence Eloping was the perfect solution.

They decided to  marry at “Hidden Grove” overlooking Noosa main beach.  A gorgeous wedding arbour was created by “First Class Functions” with stunning florals to match. Lovely local wedding celebrant “Jacqueline Gray” conducted a beautiful wedding ceremony. Peter and Marian read their own personal vows and a few were tears but there was also lots of laughter.

Two photographers, myself and second shooter Colby Yewen Photography captured all their special moments which was an absolutely perfect way to spend the afternoon at “Hidden Grove” and along Noosa’s Main Beach. A perfect afternoon under beautiful blue skies and with the blue ocean as the background.

My Noosa Elopement packages include a wedding celebrant, Noosa council location permit, wedding flowers and photography. Packages can be upgraded to include a decorating package. It’s a special day and it is after all a wedding so why not set the scene. Decorating packages start with the basics consisting of a simple setting with just a small arbor, a signing table and 2 chairs or you have the option to include a larger arbor with drapery and matching florals, props and other decorative items.

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Congratulations Marian and Peter 🙂

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