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Emma and Jordan traveled all the way from Vancouver, Canada leaving behind the winter cold and snow for a sunny, summer wedding on the beach at Noosa. What none of us were expecting though was that their wedding day was going to be one of the hottest on record reaching a scorching 44.5 degrees!!!!

Somehow Emma and Jordan managed to brave the heat and their entire wedding was just absolutely perfect!

The Dream Team that contributed to the day:
Hair and makeup by Vicki from “Silk Hair and Makeup”
Flowers by “Blooms of Noosa”
Emma stayed at “Maison Noosa Resort”
Wedding Ceremony held at “Casuarina Gardens”
Gorgeous Decorating by Justine at “Beautiful Beach Weddings”
Transport aboard “Noosa Dreamboat”
Wedding Ceremony conducted by “Kerry Field”
Reception was held at “The Boathouse Restaurant”
Emma’s Gorgeous Wedding Gown by Aussie Designer “Stella York” and purchased in Canada

Emma & Jordan 50

Emma & Jordan 5

Emma & Jordan 3BEmma & Jordan 10 copyEmma & Jordan 5AEmma & Jordan 19Emma & Jordan 65Emma & Jordan 93B copyEmma & Jordan 113A copyEmma & Jordan 67Emma & Jordan 116A copyEmma & Jordan 143Emma & Jordan 143A copyEmma & Jordan 162Emma & Jordan 166Emma & Jordan 130A copyEmma & Jordan 126Emma & Jordan 167Emma & Jordan 169Emma & Jordan 173Emma & Jordan 178A copyEmma & Jordan 350Emma & Jordan 163A copyEmma & Jordan 347Emma & Jordan 163B copyEmma & Jordan 186Emma & Jordan 190Emma & Jordan 189Emma & Jordan 205Emma & Jordan 206Emma & Jordan 208Emma & Jordan 209A copyEmma & Jordan 219Emma & Jordan 223A copyEmma & Jordan 228Emma & Jordan 229Emma & Jordan 278A copyEmma & Jordan 266Emma & Jordan 272A copyEmma & Jordan 278Emma & Jordan 287Emma & Jordan 292Emma & Jordan 298Emma & Jordan 301Emma & Jordan 306A copyEmma & Jordan 319Emma & Jordan 307Emma & Jordan 326Emma & Jordan 336AEmma & Jordan 344Emma & Jordan 370Emma & Jordan 396A copyEmma & Jordan 374Emma & Jordan 395A copyEmma & Jordan 395Emma & Jordan 408Emma & Jordan 410Emma & Jordan 416A copyEmma & Jordan 422Emma & Jordan 420Emma & Jordan 430Emma & Jordan 431Emma & Jordan 449A copyEmma & Jordan 454Emma & Jordan 462A copyEmma & Jordan 439 copyEmma & Jordan 470Emma & Jordan 476Emma & Jordan 478A copyEmma & Jordan 483Emma & Jordan 487Emma & Jordan 496Emma & Jordan 500Emma & Jordan 503Emma & Jordan 505Emma & Jordan 506Emma & Jordan 509Emma & Jordan 515A copyEmma & Jordan 515Emma & Jordan 520Emma & Jordan 522Emma & Jordan 526Emma & Jordan 534A copyEmma & Jordan 539Emma & Jordan 542Emma & Jordan 547Emma & Jordan 551Emma & Jordan 565Emma & Jordan 565A copyEmma & Jordan 567Emma & Jordan 572Emma & Jordan 578Emma & Jordan 581Emma & Jordan 584Emma & Jordan 575Emma & Jordan 588Emma & Jordan 594Emma & Jordan 595Emma & Jordan 604Emma & Jordan 607Emma & Jordan 611A copyEmma & Jordan 619 copyEmma & Jordan 621A copyEmma & Jordan 626Emma & Jordan 627Emma & Jordan 637Emma & Jordan 640Emma & Jordan 649Emma & Jordan 659Emma & Jordan 665Emma & Jordan 667Emma & Jordan 678Emma & Jordan 680Emma & Jordan 681Emma & Jordan 702Emma & Jordan 708Emma & Jordan 710Emma & Jordan 717Emma & Jordan 716Emma & Jordan 721Emma & Jordan 725Emma & Jordan 737Emma & Jordan 755Emma & Jordan 741Emma & Jordan 742 copyEmma & Jordan 744Emma & Jordan 756Emma & Jordan 792Emma & Jordan 790Emma & Jordan 800Emma & Jordan 794Emma & Jordan 802Emma & Jordan 803Emma & Jordan 810Emma & Jordan 751Emma & Jordan 770Emma & Jordan 775 copyEmma & Jordan 827Emma & Jordan 837Emma & Jordan 836Congratulations Jordan & Emma <3

It was so exciting to be asked to travel out to Dalby to photograph Rosanna and Matt’s gorgeous country wedding which was held at “Jimbour House at Jimbour Station”.
We started the morning with the girls having their hair and makeup done at local salon  “Hair @ Dalby” while Matt and the boys ran about town organizing car ribbons before heading back out to the family property to get ready. The wedding ceremony was held at the stunning “St Joseph’s Catholic Church” with Father Michael Cooney conducting the wedding ceremony and Matt’s own Reverend “Tom Bowler” from St John’s Anglican Church assisting the proceedings. After family photos we jumped in cars and traveled the 1/2 hour out to Jimbour where Rosanna and Matt’s wedding reception was held in the old aircraft hangar at Jimbour Station which was magically transformed into what is now my current favorite reception venue by Karen and the team from “Pips N Cherries” . Candles galore and special touches were added by Rosanna and her family and I loved the little jars of home made lemon butter and pickles provided as take home favors for their guests. (My own lemon butter lasted less than a minute with my family on arriving back home). Wedding cake by “Ann Shepherd”. “Nuflava Entertainment” kept everyone up and dancing until late in the evening.



Congratulations Rosanna & Matt:)

Waking up with rain on your wedding day is not exactly the greatest start but Stephen and Natalie were determined to go ahead with holding their wedding ceremony, as planned at Maison La Plage Grove overlooking Noosa main beach.
It was raining as I arrived at 1 Hasting Street for their getting ready photos and the sky was black and stormy but I was sure that it would pass over (with fingers crossed).
Right before the wedding ceremony which was conducted by lovely local wedding celebrant “Jacqui Gray” began the clouds parted and the sun shone down:)
This was such a beautiful and elegant wedding and Stephen and Natalie were just soooo in love and kissing, kissing, kissing all the time so it made my day easy.
Their gorgeous wedding reception was held at the stunning “Sails Restaurant” on Hasting Street. Beautiful bouquet and flowers by “Blooms of Noosa”. Wedding cake by “The Cheesecake Shop” at Wynnum

Stephen & Natalie 68Stephen & Natalie 25Stephen & Natalie 3AStephen & Natalie 9Stephen & Natalie 5AStephen & Natalie 8Stephen & Natalie 37Stephen & Natalie 12AStephen & Natalie 26Stephen & Natalie 28Stephen & Natalie 65Stephen & Natalie 25AStephen & Natalie 51Stephen & Natalie 24AStephen & Natalie 53Stephen & Natalie 56Stephen & Natalie 75 copyStephen & Natalie 90A copyStephen & Natalie 79Stephen & Natalie 83Stephen & Natalie 95A copyStephen & Natalie 85Stephen & Natalie 99A copyStephen & Natalie 104Stephen & Natalie 111Stephen & Natalie 108Stephen & Natalie 125AStephen & Natalie 120Stephen & Natalie 120AStephen & Natalie 123Stephen & Natalie 140AStephen & Natalie 199Stephen & Natalie 139Stephen & Natalie 148Stephen & Natalie 150AStephen & Natalie 172Stephen & Natalie 168AStephen & Natalie 177 copyStephen & Natalie 192Stephen & Natalie 195Stephen & Natalie 200Stephen & Natalie 218AStephen & Natalie 244AStephen & Natalie 258AStephen & Natalie 233AStephen & Natalie 245AStephen & Natalie 246Stephen & Natalie 249Stephen & Natalie 252Stephen & Natalie 257Stephen & Natalie 261A copyStephen & Natalie 269Stephen & Natalie 264A copyStephen & Natalie 275Stephen & Natalie 271AStephen & Natalie 284A copyStephen & Natalie 287Stephen & Natalie 289Stephen & Natalie 294A copyStephen & Natalie 296Stephen & Natalie 297Stephen & Natalie 303A copyStephen & Natalie 310Stephen & Natalie 320 copyStephen & Natalie 314 copyStephen & Natalie 337A copyStephen & Natalie 322Stephen & Natalie 339Stephen & Natalie 380AStephen & Natalie 348Stephen & Natalie 351Stephen & Natalie 353Stephen & Natalie 361A copyStephen & Natalie 359 copyStephen & Natalie 367A copyStephen & Natalie 371A copyStephen & Natalie 374Stephen & Natalie 379A copyStephen & Natalie 384Stephen & Natalie 385Stephen & Natalie 389Stephen & Natalie 387 copyStephen & Natalie 391

Stephen & Natalie 500B copyStephen & Natalie 500CStephen & Natalie 500CC

Stephen & Natalie 500AA copyStephen & Natalie 500AAA copyStephen & Natalie 500AAAA copyStephen & Natalie 463
Congratulations Stephen and Natalie:)