Best Elopement Destination In Australia - Noosa on the Sunshine Coast Harry & Kay

On a holiday in Noosa in 2017, Kay and Harry walked past Casuarina Gardens. Kay turned to Harry and told him that if he ever planned to marry her (they have been together for 30 years) that this was where she wanted to get married. I think Harry must have secretly filed that information in the back of his mind and put it aside. Aside until 4 weeks and 3 days before they were due to arrive back in Noosa for another holiday and Harry swung into action to pull a wedding together! Choosing my “Gold Elopement Package” everything was ready and perfect on the day for Kay and Harry to say “I DO”!!!!!!
Styling and decorating by “Naturelle Floral Design”. Wedding Ceremony conducted by Noosa Heads Wedding Celebrant “Jacqui Gray”. Hair and Makeup by “Emily Glasson”. Guest chair hire by “Noosa Wedding & Events”. Reception at “Rickys Bar & Restaurant”. Transport aboard “Gondolas Of Noosa”.

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Congratulations Harry & Kay

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