Best wedding venues on the Sunshine Coast - Shannon & Adam

Located in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and searching for a wedding venue that ticks all your boxes? You can’t go past Sails Restaurant overlooking Noosa main beach. This is where Shannon and Adam held their beautiful wedding reception with their nearest and dearest and I have to say that the food was absolutely amazing! “Splash Events” created a stunning reception room overflowing with traditional white florals and greenery by “Flax Flower”.
The wedding ceremony was planned to be held at Little Cove but due to a pending storm the call was made to move undercover to the plantation room at the Sofitel. “Splash Events” created a beautiful wedding ceremony set up with pretty florals by “Flax Flower”.
Long time family friend “Lorraine Lehman-Jones” conducted a lovely wedding ceremony which included having Shannon and Adam’s Mum’s come up front for a ring blessing.
The rain held off for a short time after the wedding ceremony, allowing us to make our way along the beach to the reception and to capture a few photos along the way.
Hair by “Ziggies”
Styling and Decorating by: “Splash Events”
Florals by: “Flax Flower”
Cake by: “Sweetness Contained”
Wedding Reception Venue: “Sails Restaurant”
Entertainment by: “The Famos”

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