A Perfect Noosa Wedding - Emma & Tony


Sometimes when you meet a couple you just instantly click, you feel completely comfortable and it’s like you have been friends forever. This is how it felt when I first met Emma and Tony. Our catch up for a quick coffee to discuss their wedding plans turned into a rather long meeting and I just knew that they were so perfect for each other and that their wedding was going to be something very special!Although not everything went to plan!!!! We made a fashionably late arrival at the ceremony due to the late arrival of the vintage wedding car. (He took a wrong turn on one of Noosa’s 200 roundabouts). Their gorgeous wedding ceremony was held at “Hidden Grove” on Noosa main beach on a crazy windy afternoon with stunning decorating and flowers by the awesome team at “First Class Functions”. Lovely Noosa wedding celebrant “Jacqui Gray” conducted a beautiful wedding ceremony while sand whipped around our feet and into our eyes. Not the most ideal weather for a wedding but I honestly don’t think that Emma and Tony even noticed! After the ceremony we headed onto the beach for photos only to be told that we had to leave as Hasting Street was being closed off for the lighting of the tree. It was leave now or we would have been stuck at Hasting Street for hours! We decided to head to Sunshine Beach and it was the best thing that could have happened. The wind was gentler and the lighting was perfect. Wedding reception was held at the gorgeous Noosa Springs Resort and guests were treated to an awesome display of fireworks. A most massive thanks to my gorgeous second shooter “Karena Nuttall”. You are awesome:) Emma & Tony 68AEmma & Tony 71A copyEmma & Tony 72A copyEmma & Tony 75A copyEmma & Tony 67A

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Congratulation Emma and Tony:)