Secret Noosa Elopement at Casuarina Gardens Noosa Heads - Yolanta & Chris

Marriage is a promise made in the hearts of two people that love each other.
Yolanta and Chris had waited a very long time to find each other, so this was a celebration that was that extra bit special. Gathering their closest friends, this gorgeous couple travelled to Noosa for a very secret elopement at Casuarina Gardens, overlooking Noosa’s main beach. Noosa wedding celebrant “Jacqueline Gray” conducted a truly beautiful wedding ceremony that included personal vows and brought on a few tears. Stunning setup and florals were created by Jo from “Naturelle Floral Design”. Hair and Makeup by “Emily Glasson from Emily Weddings”. Videography by the very talented Ashlee from “Jensen & Young”. Wedding reception was held at “Sails Restaurant” and the most delicious peach and cream cheese wedding cake was made by Katey from “Buttercups Cup Cakes”.

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Amazing video created by Ashlee from Jensen & Young.

Yolanta & Chris - Eloped in Noosa 2019