Festival wedding at Noosa North Shore

Noosa North Shore is a hidden gem when it comes to fantastic spots to hold your dream wedding. It's away from the hustle and bustle of central Noosa yet close enough that you won't be missing out on anything that Noosa has to offer. To get there, board the Noosa ferry at the end of Moorindal Street in Tewantin and immediately feel the tension release as you travel across the Noosa River. Our Noosa North Shore is a long stretch of white sand and beautiful coastline and is the perfect location for capturing stunning bridal images. This stunning festival themed wedding was decorated by "Glamacamp Noosa". Nomadic tipis filled with eclectic vintage pieces created intimate spaces for guests to enjoy the afternoon. A large table created the perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor reception with comfortable cushions for guests to lounge on. "Something for Catering" began the reception with their signature range of cocktails and the most delicious hors d'oeuvres. The main meal followed and included a variety of moorish dishes that would satisfy even the toughest food critic. “Buttercups Cup Cakes” created 3 incredible wedding cakes along with delicious doughnuts and were the perfect sweet finish to our meal.
Our beautiful bride and her two sweet flower girls began their morning being styled by Carly from "Noosa Hairdressers" and Ange from "Photo Finish Makeup". Once preparations were complete they arrived at the wedding ceremony in a stunning 1965 Rolls Royce from “Classic Wedding Cars”.
“Naturelle Floral Design” created all of the stunning florals as well as supplying and decorating the beautiful wedding arbor. Noosa wedding celebrant “Jacqueline Gray” conducted a lovely late afternoon wedding ceremony.
Along with games such as croquet played on the lawn our guests enjoyed capturing fun photos in the photo booth supplied by “In The Booth” . Main Images were captured by Noosa wedding photographer “Lindy Yewen Photography”.
Thanks to our gorgeous couple Darcy and Sean.

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