It's Like Rain on Your Wedding Day!


So the big day has finally arrived and it's raining! Some couples consider it good luck while others consider it to be bad luck. I know some photographers who go into panic mode and other photographers who simply refuse to shoot in the rain and offer re shoots on sunny days. Then there are those like myself who just embrace the conditions and make the most out of it. If your Bride and Groom were planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or had planned a long list of photos on the beach, at the park, in the rainforest or anywhere that does not offer shelter then they are going to look to you for alternative options. As a photographer you have to take charge, remain positive and basically re assure your couple that it's all fine and that nothing is going to ruin their big day, least of all the weather.

I have photographed hundreds of weddings in the rain. From light sun showers to full on cyclone induced gale force winds with rain falling sideways. The one thing that has saved the day in all of these situations has been my attitude and how I respond to the elements as this determines how my couple then responds. So long as you are in control and having fun your couple will feel at ease and comfortable with placing their trust in you. Regardless of the weather conditions you can still capture stunning images!

Firstly take a deep breath. It might not be what your couple had planned but everything is going to be okay!  Sometimes it's sunny and sometimes it rains. No biggie, it's just how it goes. If you know that the weather is going to be bad before hand take advantage a few days ahead and prepare your Bride and Groom by offering tips and alternate ideas to make the day fun. Including props like umbrellas and wellies can make for some awesome photos.

If your couple want to go ahead with an outdoor ceremony in the rain then suck it up and get out there. If you are worried about your gear getting soaked then purchase a waterproof casing, cover your camera in a plastic bag, ask an assistant to come along on the day to stand in the rain while they hold an umbrella over your head. Be prepared!

I had an awesome couple who had planned an outdoor wedding ceremony at Coolum beach on a deck overhanging the ocean. The morning of their wedding It poured. Sam and Tara decided that after all of the months planning that they had put into place they were still going to go ahead with their outdoor ceremony. Guests were told to bring along umbrellas and guess what? Everybody had a blast! There was a sea of colourful umbrellas, we all got soaked and we all had a great time. Actually I think it was highly likely that some of the guests were laughing at me. I was wearing a gigantic blue plastic poncho with my camera bag on my back making me look like a 5 foot blue hippo. Just remember it's your couples big day and be prepared to go along with what ever they want. If they don't mind getting wet then why should you.

Rainy wedding

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If you want to try to stay out of the rain as much as possible then take to Social Media and ask for ideas on alternative undercover locations in your area. As far as photographers go we are all a pretty awesome bunch and are more than happy to share locations and offer ideas. No one wants to see an unhappy bride and groom on their wedding!

Just remember "Have Fun"! Sometimes life throws you lemons so make lemonade :-)