Buderim Forest Wedding - Nicole & Bradley


This was a wedding that I have been looking forward to for a very long time! I first met Nicole when she was bridesmaid for her sister Michelle who's wedding I photographed quiet a few years ago. I then kind of became the family photographer when I also photographed her sister Helen's Wedding, then brother David's wedding and then a number of extended family and friends weddings.

I  remember joking at Michelle's wedding that I would one day photograph Nicole's wedding but she was only around 15 at the time so it seemed a long way off. Needles to say the years flew by and I was so excited when I was asked to photograph the last Leahy wedding.

It was a bit on an emotional day catching up with everyone and meeting all of the new little family members. (Nicole is Aunty to 15 nieces and nephews).

I felt like a proud old Aunt watching Nicole marry Bradley at St Josephs Parish in Nambour and it was a pleasure to meet Brads beautiful family. After the ceremony we headed to Buderim Forest to capture some beautiful images beside the waterfall before heading to Headlands Golf Club at Buderim for the wedding reception.

Some of the wonderful vendors involved in this very special wedding are: Father Gatchouse from St Josephs Parish in Nambour Headland Gold Club at Buderim Christine Cockroft for Makeup Tanya Longden for Hair Styling Flowers by Leigh at All Seasons Florist in Nambour Cake by The Cheesecake Shop at Nambour Gown by Caesar Elegance

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Congratulations Bradley & Nicole